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5:24am 04-23-2016

For 20 years i believed in alien life on other planets,i witnessed a UFO myself hovering over a chemical plant in 1999 and went to a talk by Col. Holt about his UFO experience in Suffolk.I am also a christian believer for the same period & have had plenty experience of the Holy Spirit in my life and believe in the appiritions of the Blessed Virgin Mary at Medjorgorje etc "The Father has placed me on this mission of being a Mediatrix between God & man".
She appeared to the visionary Veronica at Bayside USA between 1970-1994 and among subjects covered were UFO's. A couple of quotes "UFO's as you call them are used by SATAN & other demons from hell as transports to confuse & confound mankind into thinking there is alien life in the universe the only creation of the Father has been given in the book of love & life" (bible).
We are now living through the Book Of Revelations, these are the end times, "in this final battle because of the sins of mankind there are many agents of hell now loose on the earth". There is our natural world and the supernatural Heaven, Hell & Purgatory.
The Devil knows his time is now short and so when the christian church is RAPTURED, news medias will report to those left behind that a mass UFO abduction has occured to explain the disapearance of these people,covering up the Divine Act from you.And as in surveys at least half those surveyed believe in alien life, abductions etc thanks to the UFO phenomenon most will probably accept this explanation.
This and other subjects covering the end times can be found under directives on the shrine website http://www.tldm.org/ the Warning, Great Miracle & Chastisements to come.As ever in this spiritual battle prayer is key, please don't let the evil one fool mankind.
Regards John
8:34am 09-10-2015
Hi There Jay....I was very Happy that you made it here to Idaho for a visit..it was short but maybe next time you can stay longer. You are welcome to come back anytime. Love You Pard
Bob and Pura
11:15pm 08-20-2015
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11:35pm 08-10-2015
I have a publication titled "Nightscapes"; would you happen to be the editor of that magazine?
4:37pm 06-23-2015
Great site, lets all keep working together for the truth.
6:42pm 02-08-2015
8:34am 05-23-2014
Glad I ran onto your site. Enjoyed it very much.